Features That Help You Sell

Besides award-winning customer service and technical support, there’s another reason we just can’t be happier with our experience with BigCommerce. Their main focus is to help ensure that their web hosting customers have everything they need to sell in a competitive online world. Having the right tools and features that help you to sell more products is invaluable.

The latest feature the team at BigCommerce have come up with is designed to help you interact more with your existing customers. They have implemented an automated way to receive feedback from your customers soon after they receive their order.

Getting your customers to come back and visit your online website is obviously a great way to generate second, third and more sales in the future. How does it work? One week after your customers receive their order, they’ll receive an email asking them how they like their products. They’ll be provided with a website link where they can go and leave a product review. Positive product reviews act like a vote of confidence with potential customers. Anytime you can get your customers to interact with your web store, you increase your chances of additional sales. Another great reason to consider using BigCommerce as your ecommerce website builder.

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